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Tailoring that reflects your personality.

The journey to create a perfectly fitting suit starts with a conversation. We guide you through every step as we make a suit that truly compliments you and your personality. 

We have sourced the best cloth from the British Isles and Italy, using mills that create fabric perfect for any occasion and style.

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Our Tailoring Options

Made to Measure Suits

We work expertly with our existing house suit patterns and our measurements to create a draft that is uniquely yours. Made to measure gives you a beautifully sculpted suit cut specifically for your body with your own unique pattern. With thousands of cloth options and elegant personal hand finishedtouches your suit will be one of a kind. Made just for you.


Made to Measure takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Two piece suits starting from £840.

Bespoke Suits

After a consultation, we meticulously measure to draft a bespoke pattern from your carefully chosen cloth. We temporarily sew the bespoke garments for the first fit. Your second visit will allow you to see the initial shape and overall silhouette . While we expertly prepare the final adjustments that make a bespoke suit yours and yours only. 


Our full canvas bespoke suits are hand padded and pressed with your body shape at the heart of the process. Your suit is lined and finished ready for your final fit. We cast our expert eye over every detail and seam before you are ready to leave with a beautifully crafted bespoke suit.


The Bespoke process normally takes 8 weeks. For wedding parties and particularly important date we recommend seeing us 12 weeks before the date. Two piece bespoke suits start from £2800.


Do You make separate Jackets and Trousers?


It is a common request from our clients to make separate garments, be it a silk woven jacket paired with the finest cotton chinos. Our styling will help you create a sharp and well-considered outfit.

Do you offer Tweed options?


We offer a huge diversity of Tweed options for that sharp country weekend look. Mills we stock include Moon , Holland and Sherrry and Harris Tweed.

When should I visit you before my wedding?

At Least 8weeks

Your wedding suit could be the most important outfit choice in your life, this is why we always recommend seeing us as soon as possible. There may be choices you would like to mull over or maybe can't decide instantly on an option. Give yourself enough time to decide and for us to create your wedding suit! 

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